Nechoma Greisman Fund

The Nechoma Greisman Fund was established to continue her path of good deeds.

The Fund quietly and discreetly assists Israeli families in need through one-time grants or interest-free loans.

The Fund helps these families pay for basic expenses: food, medical treatment, clothes and education.

In a society suffering from terror attacks and a high rate of unemployment, and a 33% child hunger rate, it is no wonder that we receive so many requests for help. We want to assist these families until they are back on their feet and functional members of society again.

You can touch the lives of struggling fathers, mothers and children—and honor the memory of a woman who touched lives daily—by contributing to the Ner Nechoma Fund.

Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to shine another ray of light into a dim home and paint another smile on a child’s face.

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